Located at the heart of Quincy Center, Whitney Montessori School is a bilingual day school guided by the Montessori philosophy.  We offer a dynamic, individualized education that strives to make the most of each student's unique gifts and creative interests.  

​We use English and Mandarin Chinese as our language of instruction.  We believe learning to speak Mandarin and to write Chinese characters train a whole array of cognitive abilities and motor skills. We use a "one-way" immersion model, meaning most students will enter the program with no knowledge of Mandarin.  Mandarin language acquisition occurs naturally by using Chinese as the language of instruction during a portion of the school day.  In our program, there is at least one teacher who is a native Mandarin speaker and has served as a Mandarin instructor prior to joining the School.  

We currently serve children between the ages of 3-6.  Please also see information concerning our program hours and tuition.        

We believe in having a green footprint and offer a natural environment that supports learning in a safe and simple way.  We serve organic snacks whenever possible, hand-built most of our child-size furniture using natural materials, and only use non-toxic, green cleaning products in our classrooms.  

We are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.  

Our Program